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STAR 2.0

Stargres Baner GRES TILES - STAR 2.0 Thanks to the use of Star 2.0 tiles, you will
get surface with the highest standards
quality and durability.
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Stargres Baner CHOOSE STAR 2.0 The combination of excellent
parameters with modern design makes
2.0 system works in a variety of places.
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Stargres Baner Easy assembly Easy assembly makes the Star 2.0 tiles
they are a great solution for building
private and public spaces.

Gres tiles star 2.0

star 2.0

Floor tiles - durability and elegance

The combination of excellent parameters and modern design makes the STAR 2.0 system work in different places. Gres 2.0 tiles are used on balconies, terraces, driveways, terraces, alleys, in the garden or by the pool. This is an excellent choice - the STAR 2.0 tile collection combines top quality, durability and durability with an exceptionally attractive, unique design.

Płytka gresowa 2 cm

Application of STAR 2.0



Raised floor

Raised floor







Terraces, patio, balconies

Terraces, patio, balconies


yaears of presence on the
market as one of the largest

manufacturers of gres tiles

Why it is worth it

High frost resistance

High frost

Gres tiles from the STAR 2.0 collection. They have very high resistance to extremely low temperatures, they do not crack and do not delaminate even during severe frosts.

Resistance to changing weather conditions

Resistance to changing
weather conditions

Very high resistance to adverse weather conditions - the surfaces of the tiles do not discolour under the influence of UV rays, they do not crack when the temperature drops.

 Resistance to moss, mold and stains

Resistance to moss,
mold and stains

Resistance to the formation and development of mold and moss makes the stoneware tiles work well in places with high humidity. They are easy to keep clean.

Resistance to load

to load

Glaze tiles with a thickness of 2 cm are much more resistant to pressure - they are recommended especially for places where high loading forces will work.

Easy to clean dry and wet

Easy to clean
dry and wet

The surface of the stoneware tiles is easy to clean. The floor can be washed both wet and dry.

 Resistance to chemicals

Resistance to

STAR 2.0 tiles. they perfectly tolerate contact with various types of chemical agents, even difficult soils, such as oils and lubricants, can be easily removed from their surface.

Resistance to scratches

Resistance to

The advanced production technology makes STAR 2.0 tiles. they are durable, resistant to abrasion, cracks and scratches, have fantastic useful properties.

Anti-slip properties


Gres tiles are non-slip (classes R10, R11), create safe surfaces for users. They are ideal for public places, routes, shops.

Simple and quick assembly

Simple and quick

Can be installed using the traditional method with the use of mortar, as well as on supports or directly on the ground (grass, gravel - the so-called dry assembly).

STAR 3.0. - discover a new dimension of durability and design

Even better technical parameters, increased durability and resistance, the highest durability and quality - discover a new line of porcelain stoneware tiles up to 3 cm thick! The STAR 3.0 collection. it's the answer to the highest expectations - a beautiful look combined with the incredible solidity of gres will create the perfect space. Find out more, get to know the advantages and get a feel for the STAR 3.0 collection.

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Plytki gresowe STAR 3.0.

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